Luann has such a gift of getting straight to the core of my issue, I mean spot on! She is able to do this and help me see the core in such a Loving, Strong supportive manner. My Life has been profoundly changed and uplifted by this extraordinary Coach. I can’t say enough positive things about Luann. What a Gift she has been in my Life with her knowing presence, wonderful healing energy, fabulous sense of humor and genuine caring.


Luann has a beautiful way of teaching!  With all my senses, I could learn about my deep negative beliefs holding me back from being successful in certain areas.  Luann’s workshop was an eye-opener for me and I could deeply start to breathe again and inhale success!  Luann is so creative in doing exercises which really go deep down into your sub-conscious.  At the secure time, I loved her sweet sense of humor, connecting easily with me and the entire group.  ​She created an awesome group dynamic of growth and laughter.


As a life coach, it is readily apparent that Luann has the spark of the divine with in her motivating you forward to accomplish joyfully your intended purpose in this lifetime. Her thought provoking, clear communication allows for you to understand you have all that is within you to reach your potential as an unlimited being.


Luann is a natural.  She is so friendly, personable and enthusiastic about assisting others in loving themselves and living their truth.  

Luann has a lightness and warmth about her that feels so supportive and caring.  She is an amazing heart-felt listener and remembers details from past conversations which makes you feel she is really there for you and that she really sincerely cares.  

My time with Luann felt very sacred;  I felt very held in love.  I felt respected and valued, encouraged and validated.  She not only provided the space for me to acknowledge my needs, but she also empowered me in giving me the permission to stand up in what is best and true for me.  

Luann is very caring, authentic, talented and wise woman, and I highly recommend her services.  


Luann is amazing! I reached out to her because I have severe test anxiety!  I gave as much information as I could. I had a very difficult medical board exam that I had to pass for my career.   She gave me professional advice that allowed me to leave the past failures behind and begin preparation for success moving forward!

Luann initiated a step by step process over the next week and in the weeks following in focusing on the future and the goal that was set!
Through the whole process, I would receive emails of motivation and I kept her updated on what my habits were just in case I fell back into some bad habits that would prevent me from passing this test. Here is the best part Luann has a keen sense! During the process I would get down on myself and think my life was over if I failed this exam! When this would happen somehow I would get a phone call from her asking if everything was okay and if I was staying on track. How did she know? She knows!

Well the test came and I passed! My mind was strong because of Luann’s process! I apply the tools from working with Luann to my everyday life! I continue to work with Luann on a less urgent basis. Luann is very good at what she does and if you get a chance sit down with her, it will change your life!

Thank you Luann!

Hi my name is Jennifer. I did a spiritual coaching session with Luann and it was amazing. We really get into my past life and did some important question about stuffs that happens at that time and it was really important to me and my spirit to understand that moment in my life! Luann was perfect leading that coaching session, respecting and doing the perfect question that I need! Thank you Luann about the amazing answers that I get! It really help me to go on with a more clarity in my life.


Luann was so great to work with. She is kind and insightful pointing out things that were holding me back. I look forward to my next session.


Luann has a wonderful way of sharing who she is very naturally.  Even if you don’t know her well, you will feel you have always known her.  You will take away so much from her instruction.


Amazing workshop. Great program of healing, learning, inspiration and sharing. Celebrating the power and grace of women.


You are great at expressing relational connections and communicate very clearly.  I love your personality!!!



This workshop was so helpful!  I learned so much about myself in such a new way.  I felt very relaxed and at ease.

I definitely recommend this workshop.  You will love it!


You are an angel and I’m so happy to have met you.  This is important work for all.  Lovely group of women who were very easy to talk with and share.  Time flew so I must have had a good time.


Lovely workshop Luann.  I loved the meditations and going back in time and sharing memories.  Some emotions, especially self love came up.  I really loved the closing meditation – very powerful