Today I want to talk about the many lessons I have been learning in seeing what is being reflected back to me in others.

I’m going to be honest.  I’ve never been a big fan of when people say, You don’t like what you see in the other person because you don’t like that part in yourself.  Hmmm.  Maybe…   That is one possibility.  There are others that include fear, resistance etc…

My point is there are so many facets of life being reflected back to you in the people you encounter from the grocery store clerk to your boss to your child or parent???

Today, I challenge you to pay attention to when something strikes you as curious or triggers you.

I have come to be grateful of these moments because I believe spirit is at work teaching me in these moments. When these moments come:

#1 Allow

Allow the moment to come in.  Don’t resist or push it out.

#2 Accept

Accept that it’s making you feel a little or a lot triggered or super curious and that that is OK!!!

#3 Ask

Ask your inner self, what is this about?

#4 Scrawl

Scrawl it out on paper.  It can be the back of a receipt but do a quick write of :

What is it triggering in me?


What can I accept?

What am I able to control?

#5 Ballon

Wrap all the thoughts up in a pink bubble balloon and release it…

I hope this helps you out in your daily practice of being mindful!

Pen to Paper

I love putting pen to paper!  Why?  Because it gets it out of your head.  don’t believe me, try it!

Why is Gratitude so important?

Gratitude does two things.  It both shifts your point of attraction and lifts your vibration.  What did I just say?  What we think about, we draw near to us.  If you’re feeling low, gratitude lifts you out of that state.  If you’re feeling ok, gratitude takes you higher.

When you have a running list of things you are grateful for, your vibration, the general feeling in your body is high and feels good to you!  I submit to you that perhaps the most important thing for you to do today is to attain that good vibration!  Hey, like the Beach Boys song!  Never occured to me before.  🙂

YOU Time

~Commit 12 minutes to yourself today!  Get out a piece of paper or your journal.

~First take 5 minutes to write whatever comes to your mind.  Stream of consciousness writing.  Don’t think.  Don’t judge.  Just write and don’t stop even if you have to write I don’t know why I’m doing this.  🙂

 Draw a line on your paper

~For the next 5 minutes,  write down what you are thankful for.  Even if you think you have nothing to be thankful for, you will find you do.  Begin with:

I’m grateful for:

running water, a roof over my head, sunshine, my cell phone, water, electricity, a friendly checker…

Quiet Moment

And then at the end of your gratitude list, take a moment, close your eyes and ask yourself if there is a message you have for yourself.  Whatever comes, trust it and write it down.  You may be surprised at what you write.

I have a note I wrote to myself once that I don’t even remember writing and it sounds nothing like me but it is super duper nice and I read it all the time!

I hope you enjoyed my blog today.  Please comment below!  🙂

Here is my Gratitude List for Today:

I am grateful for:

Kirari West (gluten free bakery), cozy sheets, Peet’s mochas, Colby and my spiritual group that I met with last night, being able to walk to the beach, my husband who has made so many amazing changes in his life, my son who is the light of our house, lipsticks, my Heal Your Life friends, my upcoming trip to Las Vegas for Hay House U Live, heart connections, palo santo, my mala bracelet, my new tires, my Mini, orange flavored sparkling water, flip flops, Zach – who gave me a message from my Aunt, Shay, clients, soul connections that were further confirmed through reading The Boy who Knew Too Much, hikes, Palos Verdes, Marshall’s, kundalini yoga and bike rides.  That’s all for today that came up quickly. 

That was fun!!!  I hope it’s fun for you too. 





What is your point of attraction?

Do you ever feel frustrated about where you are in your life?  Do you think, I’m spiritual.  I follow Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Abraham but what the heck?  This is not what I want to attract!!!

Little Shifts

Let’s start with taking a quick inventory of what you are manifesting.  If you have a Facebook account, peruse that quickly.  What are you putting out?  Of course we all need to vent.  Vent and then release but consider if Facebook is the right venue for your vents and posts.  It’s public and continuous.  Do you want that floating back to you later today, tomorrow etc…

Check your thoughts?  Limiting beliefs can sneak in.  They sneak in because we have heard them so much from ourselves and people around us.  How often do you hear or think, “I’m an idiot!”  “This always happens to me!”  “Welcome to my life!”  Consider what your focus is.


Everyone knows it’s important to work out, to be active physically but do you work out your mind?  Know that YOU can control your thoughts and by doing so, change your point of attraction.  Forget about what you haven’t done.  Begin guiding your thoughts today.  Affirmations are a great way to begin.  What is an affirmation?  An affirmation can be any statement.  Make yours positive, in the present and personal!  Fill in the blank.  I am _____________________.

#Amazing #Powerful #Beautiful #Loved #Accepted #Smart  #Lovable #Successful #Blessed #Surrounded by people that love me #Strong  #Vulnerable #Brave #Special #Thoughtful #Improving Everyday #Making Progress #Growing and Changing #Bountiful #Blissful #a Goddess

Now watch your life shift because you have shifted your point of attraction.